Below you will find important forms you may wish to consult, download and even fill out as you consider The Treehouse Academy Lakeside for your daycare and preschool needs.

Discipline Policy

Read our standards of discipline as we use them at The Treehouse Lakeside.

Register for VPK

This link takes you directly to the Early Learning Coalition of Sarasota County’s website so that you may fill out the forms to get you child their VPK certificate.

Rilya Wilson Act

Educational stability and transition are key components of this act to minimize disruptions, secure attachments and maintain stable relationships with supportive caregivers of children from birth to school age. Read more about this act and its requirements in the download.

Influenza Brochure

This brochure goes over the guidelines of what the flu is, how you can stop the spread of germs, and what to do if your child is sick.

Know your Child Care Facility

The Florida Dept of Children and Families gives guidance about the requirements of child care facilities, how to know if your child is receiving quality care and the parents role in daycare.

Distracted Adult Brochure

Learn how to prevent distraction on the road and in the car, and information about heat stroke.


…My son has enjoyed all of the teachers he had over the year and they were all so kind to help me with potty training. Being a full time employee, full time single mom, plus running a real estate business I really appreciated all they did to help me with that!…

Amy C. -


This daycare goes above and beyond my expectations when it comes to taking care of my child… They have a wonderful app that allows the parent to check-in on your child that provides their daily activities, naps, meals and more with videos and photos.

Our Classes

The Treehouse Lakeside is a daycare in Venice, FL and a preschool in Venice, FL providing services for ages zero through five years.