The Treehouse at Lakeside

About Us

At The Treehouse at Lakeside, we value our role as your child’s first school. We believe a child’s social and emotional needs should be met above all else, and design our programs around developmentally appropriate activities that promote and celebrate each child’s milestones at the pace that’s right for them. We believe that by putting nurturing first, children blossom into confident and curious little people, who explore and learn from the world around them!

At The Treehouse, we know that the person who plays the most critical role in every child’s life and development is YOU- the parent! It’s our goal to come alongside you and support you through this special journey. For that reason, we offer:

  • Convenient locations and hours
  • Streamlined drop off and pick up
  • An App that keeps parents informed with pictures and updates
  • All snacks, meals and milk included
  • All supplies included (no lists!)
  • All diapers and wipes included
  • All cots and bedding included. We do the laundry for you!
  • Flexible part time options to meet real life needs

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Our Philosophy

When children’s needs are met, they will grow, flourish and learn. There is no greater need than the need to belong. To have purpose, to love and to be loved is the foundation on which we build security, knowledge, and respect. Our needs-based approach means children feel connected and loved. Our home-like atmosphere promotes freedom and creativity that nurtures minds and hearts.


…My son has enjoyed all of the teachers he had over the year and they were all so kind to help me with potty training. Being a full time employee, full time single mom, plus running a real estate business I really appreciated all they did to help me with that!…

Amy C. -


This daycare goes above and beyond my expectations when it comes to taking care of my child… They have a wonderful app that allows the parent to check-in on your child that provides their daily activities, naps, meals and more with videos and photos.


My twins have attended Treehouse for about a year now. They just started kindergarten and I seriously felt like holding them back a year just so they could continue to attend this daycare. The rates are outstanding and they care is equally as outstanding…